Addiction is when we don’t have control over something we do or take which then becomes a problem that can have damaging effects. We automatically think that gambling, drug taking or alcohol abuse is an addiction, but this can also apply to work, sex, internet use, solvents and even shopping.

Actions that give an instant feeling of relief or enjoyment can quickly become an addiction as a powerful urge to repeat the experience is felt.

There are usually underlying reasons why we might seek this instant gratification. It is likely that your body or mind is blocking out difficult issues.

Addiction can be damaging to your health, wellbeing, finances and relationships.

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Here are symptons you may be experiencing

Alcohol – Tobacco – Sex – Bulimia – Anorexia – Opioids – Prescription drugs  – Cocaine – Cannabis – Amphetamines – Hallucinogens – Inhalants – Phencyclidine – Intermittent explosive disorder  – Kleptomania – Pyromania – Gambling – Food – Pornography – Using computers / the internet – Playing video games – Working – Exercising – Spiritual obsession  – Pain  – Cutting – Shopping