Are you confident? How happy are you within yourself?

A number of elements within your emotions combine to give you personal power and positive self esteem. How good you feel about yourself, how independent you are and how well you can use your initiative to make decisions and follow through with your actions are examples of a confident person.

Your personal power also is reflected in the way you have been brought up and nurtured. A can-do attitude develops as a result of positive affirmations from early childhood.

It’s not too late to reverse the effects that hold you back and suppress your confidence and self esteem. PSYCH-K has the ability to reprogramme your brain and release limited beliefs within your sub-conscious.

Here are symptoms you may be experiencing

Meeting someone – Making a relationship – Sustaining a relationship – Splitting up – Heartbreak – Loss – Repeating patterns – Communication – Sexual difficulties – Past traumas – Interpersonal dynamics – Difficult to find job – Negative outlook – Lack of confidence – Inability to express your needs – Focus on your weaknesses – Excessive feelings of shame, depression, or anxiety – Belief that others are better than you – Trouble accepting positive feedback – Intense fear of failure.