We will all in our lifetime suffer a sense of grief or loss… We have to learn to accept these situations and carry on and not live a life of sadness or regret.

That’s not to say that everything we love and hold dear is forgotten, but remembered with love, joy and affection.

PSYCH-K has the ability to instil peace and acceptance, allowing you to free your mind and live a less troubled and gratifying life.

Here are symptoms you may be experiencing

Crying all the time – Emotional numbness – fear – Loneliness – Inability to accept the death – Intense sorrow and emotional pain – Bitterness or anger – Unable to enjoy good memories – Continuous yearning and longing for the deceased – Feeling alone, detached from others – Trouble pursuing interests or planning for the future – Feeling that life is meaningless or empty without the loved one – Loss of identity or purpose in life.