Phobias, Trauma and PTSD are symptoms usually brought about by a sudden traumatic event, but sometimes they can be related to events or even things that have been cemented in the brain from an early age.

Symptoms usually develop shortly after a traumatic event, but sometimes symptoms might appear after months or years. These conditions may well continue or worsen unless they are acknowledged and addressed.

Traumatic experiences are embedded in the brain’s sub conscious. PSYCH-K has the ability to unlock these experiences and alleviate further mental suffering.

Here are symptoms you may be experiencing

Fear of Animals or insects – Heights – Darkness – Storms – Germs – Flying – Going to the dentist – Small spaces – Escalators – Blood – Injections – Sexual phobias – Foods – Costumed characters – Talking in groups or starting conversations – Public speaking – Speaking on the phone – Meeting new people – Eating and drinking in front of others. PTSD disorders include: Flashbacks – Nightmares – Repetitive and distressing images or sensations – Physical sensations, such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling.