When loving relationships break down, a divisive wall forms that sometimes might feel like a barrier that’s impossible to climb.

Drifting apart or  failing to resolve conflicts or disagreements can create feelings of neglect, frustration and anger affecting your sex life (lack of it) and relationships.

Loving relationships and better sex is dependent on recognizing and addressing these difficulties, reintroducing harmony and happiness back into the relationship.

PSYCH-K can help you rekindle your relationships with loved ones by rebalancing and freeing your mind.

Here are symptoms you may be experiencing

Feeling less connected than usual – Too busy to make time for sex  – You don’t feel connected with your sexual self – You’ve had negative experiences with sex – You struggle with performance anxiety – Having sex makes you worried and stressed – Mental or physical health issues may be making things difficult – Neither partner will make time for sex – Fetishes are laughed off or totally disregarded – There’s a breakdown in intimacy after an affair – The marital bed becomes the family bed – The dog is in the bedroom all the time – Less effort is put into looking sexy – Couples aren’t upfront about their sexual preferences – Sexual signals are misinterpreted – Exhaustion or busy schedules get in the way – Sex becomes perfunctory or too by the book